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Istina (Truth)

Directed by Tamara Denić

Cast: Elizabeta Đorevska, Matthias Ludwig, Milica Vuksanović, Nika Rozman, Željko Marović

Winner of the 28th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival 2024 Audience Award Best Short Film. Statement by Director Tamara Denić: “I am super happy and excited that out short film Istina (Truth) won the audience award! In the name of the whole cast and crew: THANK YOU for this very special honour. In my opinion, an audience award is the most important response you can get as a filmmaker. I mean, after all, we’re doing it for you. But I am particularly happy that our film with this topic has been well received. International recognition is of great importance not only for all those involved, who spent weeks working on our student film on a voluntary basis, but also for all the journalists in Germany and Serbia who supported us, trusted in us and our project and shared their personal stories with us. We made this movie for them. But not only for them. We dedicate this award to all journalists worldwide who stand up for press freedom and human rights and, cruelly, sometimes have to give their lives for it, as is currently the case in Gaza. We must ensure that journalists around the world are protected. Thank you!” Love, Tamara

Belgrade, 2022: A photojournalist is threatened by right-wing extremist groups in her Serbian home and flees to Germany with her daughter. But then she also experiences increasing strong threats and attacks in her new home.

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