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Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

2 Marina Blvd Landmark Building C, Suite 260, San Francisco, CA

Doors Open
Doors open for vehicle entry and parking one hour before screening.

The guidelines of this event adhere to the directives and the requirements of the City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

What defines a permitted vehicle?
Four wheeled vehicles are permitted, including convertible cars and pickup trucks. Bicycles and motorcycles are not permitted.

General Admission Parking
Unless specified, tickets are general admission and per vehicle (rather than per person), there is no assigned parking. Staff will do their best to accommodate all vehicles. For sightline reasons, taller vehicles such as SUVs will be parked towards the rear of the venue so as not to block the views of smaller cars (when possible).

Ticketing and Check In
Upon purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket and instructions. Tickets can be printed at home and brought to the venue or displayed on a mobile device. There will be no Will Call at the venue as all tickets will be delivered electronically. Festival staff will scan tickets through the window of your vehicle.

Between Shows
All vehicles must exit after each program. If you have tickets to two programs on the same night, you will need to exit the lot and re-enter between programs.

If a program is at RUSH, tickets may be released and sold at noon on the day of the event, and may be purchased online. Keep an eye on RUSH program pages for available tickets.

Late Arrivals
In order to ensure all patrons have an enjoyable experience please arrive early. Any late arrivals 10 minutes after the showing has begun will not be permitted into the event. Tickets are neither non-refundable nor exchangeable.

Restroom Use 
When patrons exit their vehicles to use the restroom facilities, they must wear a face mask over their nose and mouth at all times and adhere to protocols laid out by restroom docents, e.g., one person at a time in the restroom, 6ft apart in lines, etc. The restrooms at the Drive-In are gender neutral.

Occupancy for Vehicle 
Each vehicle may only be occupied by members of the same household who have already been in close contact with each other.

Car headlights must be turned off during the film. Prior to arrival, please locate how to manually turn car headlights off.

There will be ZERO tolerance for those not complying with the above. Guests who cannot or will not comply will be asked to leave the premises and no refunds will be given.

Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Face masks will be required by all attendees over the age of 2 when outside of the vehicle. Masks with an exhalation valve are not allowed. Masks must cover the nose and mouth.
  • Parking spaces are distanced by 6 feet to promote and maintain social distancing.
  • Attendees are asked to remain in their vehicles when not using the restroom facilities or purchasing from concessions (if concessions are available).
  • Restroom facilities will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Concessions will be marked with social distancing signage, which will be enforced.
  • Please follow socially distancing requirements at all times including at concession and in bathrooms. Attendees who fail to follow safe distancing at the request of staff will cause the attendee to be subject to ejection from the event. No refunds given.


Tickets at the door?
For safety reasons, all drive-in ticket sales are online and in advance only. All ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Film Audio Access? 
Audio will be broadcasted through FM stereo sound that is tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo. Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on. If you do not have an FM stereo, please bring a portable radio (there are limited numbers available for use at the event). In the rare instance that your battery dies, we will have jumper cables to get you on your way.

Face Mask?
You must wear your mask over your nose and mouth any time you are not in your vehicle. This includes restroom use, concession purchasing (when available), or leaving the footprint of your vehicle for any reason.

Bathrooms are located in Building D (the long building flanking the right-side of the parking area).

What if I’m not feeling well?
Please stay home if in the past 24 hours, including today, have you had one or more of these symptoms that is new or not explained by another condition: Fever (100.4oF/38.0C or greater), chills, repeated shaking/shivering · Cough · Sore throat · Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing · Feeling unusually weak or fatigued* · Loss of taste or smell · Muscle or body aches* · Headache · Runny or congested nose* · Diarrhea ·Nausea or vomiting

Can I bring my dog?
Service animals on a leash and under their owner’s control are allowed at Fort Mason. Emotional Support animals and other pets are not.

Sitting in the back of your car with the trunk open?
We will try to accommodate these requests. Please inform our parking staff on arrival if you would like to do so. You must remain within the footprint of your vehicle at all times.

Can I bring chairs and sit outside of my car?
No, you must stay within your car footprint at all times.