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Shorts Program 2022

  • 120 mins

A captivating shorts program, highlighted with two 2022 Academy Award nominated films, including “When We Were Bullies” by Bay Area filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt.

Show Schedule:
“When We Were Bullies” 36 min.
followed by Q&A with Director Jay Rosenblatt
“Tala’vision” 27 min.
“Dear to Me” 19 min.
“Ala Kachuu – Take and Run” 38 min

In this program

Ala Kachuu – Take and Run

Directed by Maria Brendle

A young Kyrgyz woman is kidnapped and forced to marry. A drama about the desire for freedom in…


Directed by Murad Abu Eisheh

Trapped in a war ridden reality, with the hope of one day playing in the neighborhood’s football field,…

When We Were Bullies

Directed by Jay Rosenblatt

A mind-boggling “coincidence” leads the filmmaker to track down his fifth grade class – and fifth grade teacher…

Dear to Me

Directed by Monica Vanesa Tedja

A 27-year-old Indonesian, Tim, is having a family vacation with both of his parents on a remote island…

Dates & Times


Castro Theatre

Fri, Mar 11
3:30 pm