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Cinema Panorama

Family Affairs

Film Family Affairs Directed by Sönke Wortmann Sequel to “How About Adolf?” Family reunion wrangles into complicated lines of inheritance, pregnancies and family concepts.
Short Films

Almost Home

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Film Almost Home Directed by Nils Keller A dangerous virus breaks out on Earth. Does mother and son land their confined spaceship?
Cinema Panorama


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Film Axiom Directed by Jöns Jönsson An eloquent museum keeper invites his colleagues on a sailing trip, but it turns out he is not…
Cinema Panorama

The Forger

Film The Forger Directed by Maggie Peren Audacious Cioma poses as a marine officer and forges documents to help fellow Jews escape Nazi Germany.
Golden Years Cinema Panorama, Swiss Film & Talks

Golden Years

Film Golden Years Directed by Barbara Kulcsar A retired couple heading on a Mediterranean cruise ends up on separate journeys of self-discovery.
Doc Special

Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer

Film Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer Directed by Thomas von Steinaecker Master film maker, poet, truth seeker, meme, legend... a portrait of an iconic artist of our time.
Cinema Panorama

Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush

Film Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush Directed by Andreas Dresen A housewife and loving mother from Bremen battles for the release of her son Murat from Guantanamo.
Short Films


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Film Nakam Directed by Andreas Kessler Ukraine 1942. 12-year-old violinist Mitka plays in a restaurant. Nobody knows that he is part of a Jewish…
Goethe Forum


Film Piaffe Directed by Ann Oren A foley artist goes on a voyage of self-discovery while growing the tail of a horse.
Cinema Panorama


Film Rhinegold Directed by Fatih Akin German rapper Xatar's life from the drug underworld to the top of the music charts.
Short Films


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Film Rooms Directed by Welf Reinhart A senior citizen couple in Munich is handed a notice to vacate their apartment.
Cinema Panorama, Closing Night Film

All Quiet on the Western Front (35mm)

Film All Quiet on the Western Front (35mm) Directed by Edward Berger Winner of 4 Oscars® & 7 BAFTAs: The gripping story of a young German soldier on the Western…