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Directed by Welf Reinhart

Cast: Christiane Bärwald, Ingrid Farin, Juliander Bärwald, Reinhardt Firchow, Sebastian Kempf

2023 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Audience Award Best Short Film

Statement by Director Welf Reinhart: “We feel honoured and grateful to be part of the Berlin & Beyond Film Festival and to receive the audience award. This great recognition shows again the importance of the topic and how many people can relate or have their own experience with housing shortage. It still is a major problem in many bigger cities all around the globe and with a relevance beyond all borders of nations and continents.”

An elderly couple, Monika and Werner, lives in an apartment in Munich. One day they get a notice of termination due to the intended occupation by owner. The new landlord, a young mother, wants to move into the premises with her family.

Film Contact: University for Television and Film Munich

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