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Directed by Jonas Heldt

On-Demand screening available during Nov. 19-21, 2020

What is the value of work in the current technological revolution? In Ingolstadt, 20-year-old Sedanur spends her nights sorting car parts on the assembly line for robots. In a vast factory, forklifts circle each other beneath fluorescent lights and temporary workers fight to keep their posts. Times are tough because Audi is about to cut a tenth of its workforce. Sedanur dreams of a permanent contract and of driving her own Mercedes one day. But when the diesel crisis kicks in, she is one of the first to be let go. At the same time, 33-year old Eva, a headhunter working for Audi, is looking for experts to automate some of their logistics. So-called “smart” factories that run without people are already emerging all over Europe. Eva knows that one day, even her own job will be replaced by algorithms.

AUTOMOTIVE tells a story of a generation for which work as a basis of existence is neither safe nor identity shaping. Seda and Eva might seem very different at first, but they share the same goal: personal independence and dignity through their work in the digital age.

Only available for viewers in Bay Area counties: San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Napa, Sonoma, and Solano.

As a general courtesy, due to high demand and limited viewing restrictions, please register only if you are able to view the film during the on-demand rental window.