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Lovemobil with Q&A

Directed by Elke Lehrenkrauss

Q&A with Director Elke Lehrenkrauss, moderated by Sara Stevenson, Executive Director of the German Film Office.

This special virtual cinema screening is viewable across California.

“An unforgettable cinematic journey that stays with you long after the film ends.” (Jury Statement, Cinematic Vision Award Camden IFF)

When night falls in rural Germany, old Volkswagen vans, decorated with flashy lights, line the country roads which lead through potato fields and dark forests. Inside these vans, prostitutes from Eastern Europe and Africa await their clients who are passing by. The film gives voice to these women who came from far away in search of money and a better life. Until one day, in a ghostly atmosphere, one of the women is murdered, shaking up the whole scene and causing everybody to take action. Lovemobil is about a microcosm of a society at the hardest end of a globalized capitalism.

“Throughout the course of three years, we tried to capture in atmospheric images and scenes what lies hidden in the dark abyss of these roads, aiming to convey the feeling what it’s like to live, work, dream, and getting abused in this loneliness, depicted from the angle of our brave and captivating protagonists.” (Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss)

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Virtual Cinema Event with Live Q&A

Sat, Nov 21
10:00 am